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This page provides articles and communications by Marcus André Vieira on themes of psychoanalysis, based on a Lacanian reading.
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This paper introduces the Lacanian reading of Freud’s statements on affect, relating it to the clinical psychoanalytic experience. Three subjective phenomena are described and distinguished: emotion, affect and passion.

If there is a term in Lacan’s teaching that teaches about this conjunction between love and disaster, it is ravage. That is what I want to address. The certainty of loving comes along with the anguish of loving. In other words, there is no love without suffering. Even country singers know that the myth of the other half, of true love, is an ideal and that the reality of love is quite another.

The idea that the so called scientific field includes an area of intellectual practice that remains distant from laboratory experiments and its rigid protocols. Having said that, I do not consider absurd to postulate that ‘Science does not exist’, since a consensual definition that would comprehend the vast territory of research undertaken in the name of Science is an ideal and not a concrete possibility. I would like to proceed, taking this premise for granted, instead of going through the vast number of quotations and arguments that could justify it. 

The increasing presence in the city of an ordinary, commonplace psychosis, which would present itself in discrete signs, eventually imperceptible in daily situations, has led us to an investigation that encompasses several levels.

Given the general definition of prostitution (for example, an exchange of sex for a payment), would a psychoanalyst have something to say on it?